Why Elmo Could Be The Candidate Democrats Are Looking For

“Sesame Street: Monster President | Elmo the Musical”

Primary season is almost over and it looks like Former Vice President Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2020 election. But what if the Democrats had other choices? Sure, we had Bernie Sanders who seemed to be the fun, socialist grandfather at the family reunion. We also had Elizabeth Warren, who resembled your favorite aunt that never got married. However in recent weeks, another prominent figure has caught the eye of young future voters. It’s time to consider what life would be like in Elmo’s America.

The 3 1/2 year old muppet is currently in the spotlight for being the new host of HBO Max’s first talk show, “The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo”. Why does this matter? For one thing, the show brings a diverse cast of characters to late-night. America could have not only its first red president, but with Cookie Monster as his co-host, we could be looking at the first blue vice president as well. Elmo interviews his guests with such poise that whether he realizes it or not, he’s setting himself up for the presidential ticket. Plus, look how good he looks in that suit.

This brings us to his experience. You might be saying to yourself, “Hey, hosting a TV show isn’t enough experience to run a country.” Well, the former host of NBC’s “The Apprentice” would disagree. Regardless, it might surprise you to learn that Elmo has much more experience in the Oval Office than you’d think. Before his late-night debut, Elmo became the first Monster President in Sesame Street history. Talk about breaking barriers! When asked to comment on what it would mean to them if Elmo ran for the presidency, 2 year-old Mary F. from Bridgeport, CT wrote:

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It was this week that Elmo showed his true colors. Not just red; but red, white, and blue. Following weeks of protests and civil unrest across the nation, Elmo appeared on CNN to teach our youth about the systemic racism that plagues this country. He talked to us, not at us. He did so well that Tucker Carlson cried about it on Fox News.

Is an Elmo presidency realistic? Let’s face it, Elmo has been 3 1/2 years old since the 1980s. While we admire consistency in a candidate, his presidential campaign may be over before it even begins. In the United States, the minimum age requirement of a presidential candidate is 35. However, rules are meant to be broken.

While the odds are against him, Elmo’s no bullshit attitude and quirky personality is exactly what the Democrats need right now. We already let one toddler in the White House, so let’s give this one a try.

Writer/stand-up/person. Real original, I know. Instagram & Twitter: @eoinwenger

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